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Modes: the classic Tetris & Pentris and new Heapris that is a derivative of a first two types.
One more way of a score system.
Dynamic scaling and a transition between a levels during the game.
Create and add own brick scheme to the game.
Examples of schemes: Scheme12, Scheme (unzip downloaded file and move it to Bricks folder).
Send a brick scheme to developer.
It's a clone of Fifteens game, but instead 15 digits the game uses a picture.
The picture is divided into 4 ... 16 columns and rows.
After mixing, you have to return the image to original state.
The game has an auto-assembling mode.
The clipart for the game. These pictures contain large details that allow very easy detect the block position after mixing.
Features: skins, auto assembling, Lloyd's task, the ability to move a few chips together, timing and a move count.
Several pairs of pictures, mixed and flipped face down.
Task: find all the paired images.
One click opens one picture. The each third flipped up picture closes the previous two. The click on an open picture flips down other one. The result evaluates by time and number of clicks.